Unable to export layout! need help!

There has been an application error.Can’t create ZIP. Error Code: 11

this error occur when i try to export my layout for another server

Well according to the PHP documentation, error code 11 is:
#define ZIP_ER_OPEN 11 /* S Can't open file */

I’d suggest perhaps your webserver doesn’t have permission to create a file somewhere, or some files in the layout are actually missing from the CMS library.

The only way we’re going to know is with some logs from the CMS to show what’s happening. Can you capture those please and post them? Be sure to redact any sensitive information.

Should be in the temp folder of the library - @Tang_Sai_Soon would be advisable to check there.

this is the log for the error message…

thanks you for your suggestion @dan, i have tried but i did not found the file…

There won’t be a file because we can’t create it!

You need to ensure the user your webserver runs as has permission to write to the temporary directory configured in your php.ini file. I believe the default is c:\windows\temp or as Dan says, also check the temp folder in your Xibo library for permissions too.

im having the same issue. when you say the user that uses the web server are reffereing to the Root user of the phpadmin database?

The user that the webserver process is running as. It has nothing to do with MySQL.

that would be my account and im the sys admin with all right. but I still get the error

In that case check that your php.ini defines a temporary directory that exists and is writable. Keep in mind if you use UAC on your machine anything that requires elevated permission, eg writing to Program Files for example, even if you’re an Administrator, will fail

Sorry, it nothing to do with the PHP temporary folder.

The CMS creates the ZIP file for export in the temp folder of the library. If your layout was called bob and your library location was c:\xibo\library then it would be trying to create c:\xibo\library\temp\export_bob.zip.

Change ZipArchive::OVERWRITE to ZipArchive::CREATE.
From this link http://php.net/manual/en/ziparchive.open.php#110651

Or just upgrade to 1.7.4 where this is already fixed.

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