Unable to edit scheduled events

CMS Version: 3.1.3
Installation Method: XAMPP
Operating System: Windows Server 2019

when trying to edit a scheduled event clicking on it doesn’t open the settings, when opening it in another tab i get the following:

this started happening when i did a fresh install of the newest CMS.

I am having similar issue. Did you found any solution?

Hello, unforunatly i have not found a solution.

i did find a bit of a work around, you can delete the schdule event out of the database or delete the layout assistated with the scheduled event and that will delete it as well.

honestly it looks like i’ll have to reinstall Xibo to hopefully resolve the issues

I have the same issue. I am unable to edit a scheduled layout.

Windows 2019
XAMPP v3.2.2
PHP 7.2.9
MariaDB 10.5.8

Same issue
CMS 3.2.0
PHP: 7.2.26
MySql 8.0
Installation Method: Windows Server 2012 IIS
Everything seems to work except editing scheduled events.
Something broken in vendor.bundle.min.js but can’t find what

@dan please advise.

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