Unable to display streaming video in Windows client

Hi there,

I’ve tried to embed a streaming video (as Webpage) into Xibo. The video can be viewed normally in Preview Layout mode in browsers (both IE and Chrome). However, it cannot be played in Windows client (display nothing).

Here is HTML link of streaming video, http://libvideo.hkapa.edu/video_streaming/digital_signage/watch_title_1.php?filename=digital_signage/GS2013-2014_Child_Trailer.mp4&filetype=video&frame_width=1280&frame_height=720

O/S: Windows 7 64Bit
Xibo client: 1.7.4

I wonder whether this kind of video embed is supported? Any thought?


Regarding actual streaming:
It would be easier to stream RTSP video with Android using local video module in Xibo.

With Windows client it’s a bit more tricky to make it work, for the actual stream we should soon receive a guide from our community members which might help you.

Work around for now:
If you have permissions to do so, perhaps it would be better to just download video and put it in the video module in Xibo?

I would imagine that both webpage and embedded modules will not handle this good enough with Windows Client, perhaps display only text above the video but won’t start the actual video?

You could try this, although I still thing it will have problems with downloading player configuration (the one on the website)

Thank you all for your response. I updated the registry and changed the video play to HTML5, the problem was solved :blush:

Great, thank you for this information, always happy to help :smile: