Unable to connect Xibo to Canva


When I try to connect Xibo to Canva, it gives me an error message: “Authorization parameters missing from session”. I’m using Version 4.0.3.


Thank you for your help.

We do have an error similar to that reported when the CMS authentication method is SAML - does that apply to you?

Yes, I have the impression that we can’t do anything, everything is on Xibo’s side…

Canva have announced this week that they will not allow new users to install any applications until those applications have updated their authentication system to follow new requirements. There was no notice of this work, and so Xibo will schedule in the code changes on our side and get them done as soon as possible.

Apps which were already installed prior to 18th October will continue to function as normal.

Once this work has been completed we will update this thread.

Thank you for considering this request !

The work to re-enable Xibo has been completed and is being reviewed by the Canva team.

The secondary issue regarding Canva via SAML protected CMS instances is still under investigation. As a workaround you can ensure you’re already logged into the CMS on the same browser session and it should work.

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