Unable to connect to the remote Server after hit the connect button

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CMS Version

CMC 4.0.10

Installation Method

Custom Install

Operating System

Windows 11 64 bit Operating System


I have downloaded and installed the Xibo Player- following the installation instructions defined on your official site ( Xibo client V4 R402.1 win32-x84 )…
When I click on the Connect button as shown on the image below I got an error that says “Unable to connect to the remote Server”
Please if you could advise on where and why I am getting this error

Provide screenshots where possible!

Where did you host your CMS, point your CMS address to that IP/URL. Also make sure the ports are opened.

I am using xampp server to host my CMS …
My Apache is perfectly running using port 8080, however when i download - xibo-cms-4.0.11 version and paste it on my Htdocs folder and run the application I got an error - “that the page isn’t working” and the URL was looking like this


also do I have to the xibo player first and then Install the CMS ?
I am downloaded and instaledl the first on “Xibo CMS” and not the "Xibo for Windows "

Please advise if I am doing the right thing


Xibo for windows is only the client.
So install the CMS first. The install/install/install solution is on this forum. Do a search for the proper solution, could be more than 1 thing that could be wrong.