UI displaying incorrect informations

CMS Version

Version 2.3.7

Hi everyone

For quite some months now, I have clients reporting problem when using the web UI in Chrome. At first I updated Chrome on they workstations and it seemed to have it fix.

But now, I have more and more coming and saying that information are being displayed but incorrectly making them unable to do some things. The biggest being the UI in the library:


There is 11 elements in the library but the two pages display the same information. I tried updating Chrome to version 92 but it didnt resolve the problem. Even selecting “Show 50”, the page still only shows 10 elements

Anyway I can resolve this?

As I’m a new user and I cant post more than one picture, here is a picture showing the first page of the library being the same as the second one (when it shouldnt be!)

Hello and Welcome to the community!

As a first step, update your 2.x CMS to the most recent version being CMS Release - 2.3.11, and clear your browser cache.

If after doing this you are still seeing the same issue then please do come back to us.

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