UHD support for webOS


Last year we found out that transitions with multiple regions were not smooth when configuring UHD resolution for a 49UH5F display with webOS 4.
Is UHD now supported? I only have a 22SM3G here for testing where the resolution is only fullHD so I can’t test it.


We have the same issue. You can create a UHD lay-out but the resolution on the display is always HD it’s is only native UHD.

So if there is an another option to get it working with full UHD we are keeping us recommended.

Thank you both for your posts. LG locks the maximum resolution of an application running on its webOS platform to full HD. This is the reason the Xibo player does not support a higher resolution.

Please note that on supported models where the resolution of the display is UHD, you can schedule 4K videos to be displayed in your layout. The display will handle this by displaying the video in a higher than HD window. This is the only media type that can be displayed as 4K, all other media types are recommended to be full HD or lower.

Many Thanks.

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