UHD layouts not displayed properly

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I’m working with a MINIX NEO U9-H (Android) connected to a Samsung UHD TV. However, I can not manage to run a layout displayed properly in 3840x2160. It only shows like a quarter of the whole layout. Here is what I’ve done/tried so far:

  • Client Resolution is set to 4K 60Hz (3840x2160)
  • Layout Resolution is set to 3840x2160
  • In the CMS, I set the Screen Dimensions to 0,0,3840,2160 (The Status of the Xibo Client shows the right Screen Size, namely 3840x2160)

CMS Version 1.8.4
Xibo Client 1.8 R102

Putting all the options to FullHD (1920x1080), the layout works just fine but the Items of it e.g. Text and Pictures are pretty blury then. Like I Said before, with this settings set to UHD, there is only visible like the top left corner of the whole layout. I appreciate any help.

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If you don’t specify the size of the screen in the Player options, and then allow the Player to collect, and then restart the Player and bring up the status screen, what does Xibo show the screen resolution to be?

Alot of the supposed 4K boxes actually run 1080p internally and upscale to 4K on the output - so the TV will show a 4K signal but the device isn’t really running at that resolution.

Assuming you don’t specify a size, Xibo will run at the internal resolution of the device, and show that on the status screen.

I have tried another 4K device and everything works as intended. So it turned out that what you have said is true. Although Minix claims that their NEO U9-H is capable of displaying 4K, this is simply not the case.

Thank you very much

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Hi Chilly, a little out of topic - but couldn’t find a way to message you directly. What have your experience with be the Minix Neo U9-H been so far?