Two Marquees on Same Layout Duplicating


I have two marquees on the same layout. One is Marquee Up and the other is Marquee Left. They both have different content. When I do a Preview Layout, everything appears correctly, however when I have the client running on another machine, both fields display the same content from the Marquee Left region. If I change the Marquee Up region to static instead of Marquee, the correct text is displayed, but not scrolling up as I would like. Any idea what may be causing this issue?

I’m not really sure how that would be possible.

Can you post the XLF for the layout that’s causing the duplicate tickers to show?

What platform is this - Windows? What client version are you running? What CMS version is it? What version of Windows and Internet Explorer?

Have you made the registry modifications mentioned here:


I tried that with no success … the client is running on Windows 8.1, newest version of the client and server (1.7.2). I was able to resolve the situation by deleting the region that was duplicating, and create a new one. For some reason they were linked but once I deleted and created a new one, it resolved the situation.

Very strange.

Thanks for your help though!