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Hi Guys,

I’m using the Twitter API module and it working great. I’d just like to ask if there is any way to customise which tweets are displayed.

My current search term is just “park_high_colne” and this displays all tweets, all replies to and from and all retweets. I’d like to just display our outbound tweets, no replies or retweets.

I have tried the “from:park_high_colne”, but this still displays retweets and replies.

Any ideas?

You can build a search string here:

from:park_high_colne should work however, but don’t forget you’ll need to allow time for the cache to expire before the new search results will be shown.

If you don’t want to wait, then you can delete the Twitter media item from the region timeline and create a new one.

Note however that anything you retweet or reply will match “from:” as your account is the originator of that tweet.

If the Advanced search from Twitter can’t get just the tweets you want then I’m afraid it’s not possible to search for those things as we’re limited to their API.

ok, great thanks.

I’ll try the twitter advanced thing and let you know. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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