Twitter feed shows in preview but not on Displays


I have added the twitter using the “Embedded Option” in “Add Media” and am getting the feeds only in the preview, but not in the displays. In the displays I am getting blank black screen. Please help me to resolve it.

This has been discussed several times before. The JavaScript Twitter provide doesn’t seem to work when embedded.

Xibo has it’s own Twitter integration. Is there a reason you wouldn’t use that? It will work when there’s no connection to Twitter’s servers as well, where as the embedded HTML won’t

I have setup the Twitter module, but nothing is displayed. There is no error even in the logs as mentioned in the below URL,

Please find the hyperlink

OK. The Twitter module does work OK, so either you haven’t setup Curl properly on the PHP installation you’re using, or the API keys you entered aren’t correct.

Check those things, and that you’re searching a valid term and it will work correctly.

I will try that & update you. Thanks for your quick response

If you haven’t already worked through the CMS Post Installation Guide then please do so as it will catch most setup issues before you have problems