Tweeking Ticker module to accept .ics calendar feed

Hi all, I’m looking at whether Xibo is right for us and one of the big things we need is the ability to display upcoming events from an .ics feed.

Firstly, just a query to find out whether .ics is support is planned/on the way… anyone know?

If not, it strikes me that the Ticker module is pretty much there, it “just” needs to accept .ics in addition to RSS. Now, I’ve only ever tinkered with PHP In the past, but does this look like a plausible approach?

Any pointers as to what may be involved and where to start gratefully received.

I am using phpicalendar and some scripts to retrieve the .ics file from office365. I found some of the setup here (4-5 years ago), and put together a few scripts to ‘fix’ a Microsoft ICS problem after we moved to the cloud.
A script downloads the ICS file (note: wget is supported in powershell! woohoo!)
Then the script fixes the calendar name and saves the file to a web folder.
The region uses a web page to get phpicalendar from the xibo server with the ics file as a destination.
The sign shows the day view, tweeked to show 8-5am.

hope this helps

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Interesting, thanks for that. So, to be clear, you’re wgetting the .ics file and then running phpicalendar locally on the CMS server?

Sorry to be a noob, but how do you invoke phpicalendar from the region?

Yes, the server does the getting and has PHPicalendar installed. The region layout has the webpage component and a URL that looks like this:


The PHP software knows where to look for the calendar and appends the .ics extension