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Hi we are using CMS 3.0.3 periodically Windows player appearing for 10 second then it’s automatically closed. Interleave setting = no but player still appearing. We sending close command from CMS. Then player will turning off. Few seconds later it’s appearing again , 10 seconds later it’s automatically closing. Then appear again again … How can solve this problem. Thanx.

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The Default Layout will be shown when there is nothing in your schedule to play or if there is a problem that prevents something from your schedule being shown otherwise the splash screen would be shown on your Displays: Why do I need a Default Layout? | Xibo Open Source Digital Signage

You can create your own default layout to show to replace the existing default that ships with the CMS.

If you do not see any reason (as mentioned above) as to why the default should be playing then please do come back to us.

Hello again, We have changed the default on our Displays. I work at a school and we want to broadcast on our Smart Board mx75 interactive boards between breaks and between meals. Each lesson is 40 minutes and breaks are 10 minutes. We do not want to see the xibo player in any way in these 40 minutes. Even if there is no broadcast, it appears for 4-5 seconds and then turns itself off again. If we can solve this problem, we will activate xibo for our 128 board.

Are the screens used in the classroom? Is someone using the computers?
The client program will predominantly want to run continuously. The watchdog program, which is minimized when closed, will restart the client.
If you are going to broadcast on the computer used in the classroom, you need to configure a special setting. This is somewhat detailed.
If you give some more details. I would like to help.

Yes, we want to use in our classroom. Lessons start at 8.00 each lesson 40 minutes then 10 minutes break. 2 lesson starts 8.50 - 9.30 third 9.40 - 10.20 fourth 10.30- 11.10 lunch time 11.20 - 12.20 …ets. lesson time teacher using displays likr smart board and white board. We want to broad cast announcement, some information , etc… at the break time and lunch time.

If you want to do this with xibo cms. You can try to schedule client shutdown and startup by scheduling command sending. I don’t know how to do this. I can turn it off with the command but I don’t tried turning it on.
Another. It will be long and it will be troublesome. Trying to do it with Windows’ settings.
To do this, you need to do something special.
What you need to do is to enable the programs to open and close automatically. You can adjust this according to time.

  • You need to pull the clocks automatically. But you have to do this from the central server. This will make your clocks the same as clocks. This is necessary for regular closing and opening hours. Documentation describing this: How to Configure a Local NTP Server | HPE Edgeline Docs
  • Then set the time of client computers to pull from here.
  • Write a task with windows task manager. Xibo client and watchdog should be closed at the times you set, and the xibo client should be opened at the times you set. Set it to run a command like “taskkill /f /im programname.exe”.
  • To add tasks: first export and import the task you wrote, and you can do something like the powershell script in the link “https://github.com/talipcakir/CMS-XTR-scheduler/blob/main/xtr.ps1”.
    I would like to add something. Although this configuration works logically, it can cause problems in the runtime. The biggest problem would be the clock mismatch.
    @Serkan_UYSAL are you in Turkey?

Evet Tukiye Ankaradayim. Watch dog ve player i uzaktan zamanlanmış olarak kapatıyorum burda bir problem yok. Fakat uzaktan tetikleme ile çalışmadi. Active directory veya lalocal policy den bir kural veya scriprle muhtemelen çalışacaktır. Ama bu yönetimi oldukca zorlaştırır. CMS üzerinden bir yolu varmı öğrenmek istemiştim. Şu durumda çok kullanılabilir seçenek gibi gorunmuyor. Çünkü zamanlama servis kapatıp açma manuel. Sadece watcdog servisi idle time da player i açmasa sorun kolaylıkla cozulebilir ki bu bence çok büyük bir eksiklik. Teşekkürler

IMO, I havn’t tried that. But, the screen saver sounds fit your situation. It display xibo stuff in screen-saver (idle time) while displaying the original contents after some activity (lessons)


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