Trying to work with VMware on Ubuntu


I installed my Xibo CMS on ubuntu with dockers, and it’s working.
I wanted to know if it’s possible to use my Windows environnement as a display.

Because on my VM, the CMS adress is Localhost, which cannot work on Windows because Locahost is redirecting to nothing.

If it’s possible, what could be my CMS adress to use my Windows environnement as a display from my Xibo on Ubuntu ?

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Joshua Kaczmarek.

Find out your vm ip address and set it as address in xibo

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I have my VM Adress; but how should i configure it in Xibo ?

Just set it in xibo windows player config

When i just set the ip i have an error message

Can you open xibo cms in browser from windows ?

What do you mean by this ?

When I Write just the CMS Address; i doesn’t work.

CMS adress is Localhost,
CMS address is the ip address of your vm. Is it accessible from your Windows? Not as setting in client, but open the CMS from browser

I see now the image, add http:// in front of ip address

Done, but maybe the ip is wrong because i can’t see anything when i reach it in Explorer by using \\myip

The error message mean : Unable to reach distant sever

It is not possible to be , this is the ip of the windows machine. You need the ip of the vm, login in ubuntu , open terminal and type

sudo ip a

2: ens33 is your adapter , is your ip address

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Ok you are the boss.

I didn’t know how to find the right IP Adress, so i tried something. But know it’s working well ! Thanks a lot mate.



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