Transparencies/layers on windows player

I have 5 displays based on small windows machines installed behind each display, each running windows 7, with latest IE and chrome installed. One of these machines with the highest spec is running as the server.

One of my layouts I am trying to put together for our organization for the holiday season has layers (a full screen region in front with a png graphic frame that has transparent sections and then in the far back, a text region that has an html video playing)

This all seems to work very well when putting the layout together and previewing the layout within the browser, it looks awesome. As soon as I try to play this layout on the windows machines in the xibo player, the video in the background seems to play in front regardless of it being on a layer that SHOULD be in the far-back behind all other objects. I have read that this is a known issue with video rendering in the windows player.

I am here to suggest that new updates to the windows player uses chrome/similar to render as I have proven chrome plays this layout flawlessly when using the built-in preview option in the CMS.

Anyone have any suggestions of how to make this work until the windows player is eventually updated to support these features?

The Windows Player does not support overlapping regions.

Windows plays back video on a hardware accelerated layer that sits right on top so it isn’t possible to composite other items on top of it.

When we have an announcement about Player updates we make those on the blog and here on the Community site.

Alex, thanks for the response. I appreciate the info.

Would it be a good idea to then use linux on those machines instead? I have read a few places that player 1.8 may make changes to this. Why can’t the player use chrome instead to render as when I am on a windows machine and preview my layout with a video as the far-background layer and PNG graphics on top of it, it displays flawlessly. -steve

We have a new Player targetted for 1.9 which may resolve this but it’s too early to say at this stage in the development cycle. There is no Linux Player currently so using Linux wouldn’t be an option.