Transition of Layouts without "interactive actions"?

Greeting Xibo community!
I am absolutely new to Xibo so your patience is greatly appreciated.
A couple of days ago, through the Guide and Manual, I’ve managed to install Xibo CMS on Docker and Xibo Player on Windows 11. The system has been up and run perfectly. The specs are below

CMS Version: 4.0.6

Player Type: Windows 11

Player Version: V4 - R402


I work for a small resort community so I want to display on the screen the below information
1/ Screen 1: World-clock widget on top, lower-half-left: Weather and lower-half-right: video clips playing
2/ Screen 2: Half-left: Terrain condition and Half-right: Trail Maps
3/ Screen 3: Promo information, 3 column zone with PDF file showing in each zone

So I created 3 different layouts in “Design > Layouts” according to the screen above namely Layout_1, Layout_2 and Layout_3.

My question is, how do I make the Xibo player “kind-of” loop from Layout_1 (for 90 seconds) then change to → Layout_2 (90 seconds) then change to Layout_3 (90 seconds) and then repeat the loop again? This way, user can see different information one after another

I have seen the “Interactive action” feature but it needs “touch/click” in order to make the change to another layout. I have not tried this but I don’t think that I could “touch” the flat screen, as it is just a regular TV

I am familiar with PowerPoint but it does not seem to help in this case :slight_smile:

Thank you

I have figured it out myself:
1/ Create a new Campaigns, then add the layout(s) we want to display to the campaigns
2/ Create a new schedule that play the campaign

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