Touch "navigate to Widget" partially broken

Player and Server version: latest as of today (3 R301.1 / 3.0.2))


  1. Multiple clicks on action area (navigate to image-widget) causing unexpected behavior.
  • See Screenshot 2 & 3.
  1. Click on action area filled with auto-scaled webpage causes unexpected behavior (native works).
  • See Screenshot 4(correct, native) & 5(broken, autoscaled)

Area setup is in the first screenshot.
In the preview it seems to work as expected (webpage cannot be tested there).
The webpage used for testing is

Any Suggestions?

As i can only attach 1 image, because i just created this user, here is a link to the screenshots:

Thank you !

Could you give further details as to what unexpected behaviours you are seeing as it is not clear from the screenshots? If you could provide an export of the Layout you are having issues with, we can take a closer look. You can upload your export here: and paste the link in a PM to me if you’d prefer.

This is due to X-Frame header options set for the google webpage you are testing meaning it wont work in anything but native mode so that is expected. Further details can be found on the manual page here: Webpage

Hi, thank you for the informations.

I have added an videoclip to the link, you can see both problems there.

  1. image zooms in on 2nd click etc.
  2. webpage scales only at the end of the video after multiplke clicks (not x transfer header here, preview works as expected. (

Also i have added the exported layout.

Thanks !

Thank you

Could I ask what Windows version and build you are using?

Sorry i was on holidays.

I was using the latest win 10 pro.

Ill do a reinstall and testing this evening. Maybe there is a new release- i havent checked yet - both, xibo and windows.

Windows 10 Pro. 10.0.19043 Build 19043

Unfortunately we are unable to replicate the issue you are experiencing and have not had any other reports from other users who are experiencing the same thing.

Are you able to replicate on another machine?

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