To Alex: removed topic

There is a topic from me about a Google Calender extension for Xibo removed due to a customer complaint. I’ve made an extension for easy linking with Google Calendar. The documentation is not complete according to the customer. The customer reported this to me this morning and I am investigating it. Now he told Alex van Xibo that I was not responsive! He also reported that he needed a server per display, which is not true.

The topic has been removed without notifying me in advance.

I’m very uneasy about having third party advertisements on here in the first place - especially as they appear to be endorsement.

We allowed you to post previously, and I have no objection to that, however when people say that the product no longer works or is abandoned, it makes no sense for us to allow that post to remain in place.

It’s not feasible for us to investigate third party applications on an ongoing basis I’m afraid.

I have reinstated your original post as clearly the poster was wrong in that regard.