Tizen in bootloop

Just added newest client r201 in cms and it pushed to Samsung LH43QBRE
now it is in a bootloop. And cannot exit by remote.

Is there a way to hard reset the monitor?

Only sees the client loading then it reboots.

Please open a support ticket so that we can look into this for you. Could you mark your ticket ‘FAO Daniel’ when creating.

Thank you

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I have the exact same problem with R201 on a Samsung QM43R. It reboots so fast after loading Xibo that I can’t get to the “Status” screen to see if there is any error messages.

Just got some help from Daniel. The trix is hitting home button when app is loading until bottom menu shows, then quickly select URL launcher settings and enter. Then just remove app and restart. I had to shorten server adress in app because it pointed to the app update from server. Now all is up and running again and we have also updated cms to 2.3.7 from 2.3.0. All probably hanged because of forced https (in display settings) on my http server. Good luck.

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