Tip: Docker For Windows Loses Permission To Shared Drives When User Password Is Changed



I am just posting this as a tip for others. I am not too technically savvy so I hope the search engines pick this up. I spent a couple hours troubleshooting this and found the solution through a couple of helpful comments that were buried deep.

CMS - Xibo-Docker 1.8.10 - Windows 10 v.1809

Web interface reset to default password and lost content. The usual fix that has been well documented (docker-compose stop/start on restart of PC) have not worked.

I was able to really narrow down my troubleshooting after seeing Alex’s comment herePlease check that the C: drive is still shared for Docker. If you’ve changed a password for example, then it might not be.

This was the only thing changed recently in the way Xibo was set up, and unfortunately not something on the top of my mind.

A quick search led me to this post:


  1. Open Docker Settings
  2. Click on the Shared Drives tab
  3. Deselect your shared drives
  4. Click Apply
  5. Select the drives you want to share
  6. Click Apply
  7. Docker should prompt you to re-enter your credentials
  8. Restart your affected Docker containers"

It should have been a hint that a backup wasn’t made by Xibo since the day I made the change. Good news is my CMS is successfully back in order like it was before changing my Windows password.

Thanks Alex for the hint, and the Xibo team/contributors for this wonderful software. Has been working great on 15 displays for a year now!