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Good morning,

I’m from Spain and this weekend the time has changed. I thought that the programming of the screens would work correctly by having the timezone of Spain selected and in the programming of the screens I have marked the option to execute in cms time.

How can I know if the CMS time is correct? In the last connection of the screens I see the time correctly. For example, I see that the screens have just been connected at the current time. So it seems correct to me.

What is going wrong?

I have xibo installed on an apache server.


The way that a quickly check the CMS time is by clicking on the avatar and checking the time:


if it’s wrong, maybe it is good to check the timezone in your “phi.ini” file.

Let me know if that is what you need!

Yes, thank you.

Now I was checking the server time and I see that it is set to UTC +0, but the time in the avatar appears correctly. Do you think it is convenient to change the server time and assign it to my zone?

Thank you.

Attached screenshot of my server.
Captura de Pantalla 2023-04-03 a les 9.04.10

I recommend that both your server and your php.ini configuration have the correct timezone, as long as it doesn’t affect other services.

For example, im in Brazil so i set my timezone in “php.ini” file like this:

This is the equivalent of UTC-3

Also, check if your device is also set to the correct timezone, as this can be one of the reasons for your problem… I know because I went through it some time ago.

In addition to checking the timezone directly on the device, also verify the timezone in the display settings directly through the CMS.

In your case, as you said that you are from Spain, i recommend that you research the specific time zone of your location and configure the items I mentioned above accordingly. Let us know here if it worked.

Thank you very much, I think this will work

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