Time Zone won't save

I’ve run across an interesting problem I don’t yet understand.

  • Successful CMS install on a hosted LAMP server.
  • Successful layouts, successfully broadcasting to clients (both Android and Windows)


  • Couldn’t get the scheduler to work properly.

Found the issue:

  • In the CMS under: Administration > Settings > Regional (tab)…
    When I select the correct “timezone” and then “save”, It won’t save. If you leave the screen, let’s say by clicking another menu item, then return… the timezone has not saved. Multiple attempts yield the same result.

Clearly, this can’t be common; a search on the communities database doesn’t reveal anyone that listed this issue. Has anyone run into this problem? Or, can anyone suggest an area I might look into? Perhaps a file permission setting in one of the folders on the server?

Thank you for your time.

When you change the timezone, what do you see?

  • Pop up message ‘settings updated’
  • Nothing
  • Some error message

Just so we know, what CMS version are you using?

Using Version 1.7.4

No, pop up message. In fact nothing happens.
Oddly, I can make changes on other tabs in the Settings area, and have no issue.

That’s strange, it shouldn’t need any specific permissions or anything.
Could you try go to different page then back to settings and see if you can save it.
Perhaps try to clear the cache or just shift+F5 or try different browser.

I tried clearing the cache and a different browser, at first this appeared to make no difference.
Then something went seriously wrong and the CMS crashed on me, and I could not get back in through the front end.

Best I can figure is that some file became corrupt. I was able to access the layout files through cPanel and save them. I ended up wiping the root folder, deleting the SQL database, and starting from scratch.

The last item I was working on, before things went awry, was a new layout.
Some details about conditions / applications at “crash time” (perhaps it will matter at some point, to someone):

Server Side:

  • Hosted LAMP server
  • PHP settings exact, per the Xibo instructions
  • Successful operation for about 2-3 weeks
    Desktop access:
  • Mac version 10.10.4 Yosemite
  • Firefox browser, version 39
  • No other applications open at the time
    Stable Internet access via Verizon FiOS.

I do thank you for the supportive suggestions.

Closed as your specific issue with saving timezone is now resolved.

It would seem if your Apache instance is randomly rejecting requests (due to your mod_security configuration) then that would be the likely reason for the ajax request not successfully updating the timezone.