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Version 3.0.0, Docker Installation


i’m facing difficulties with the date formatting. I inserted a RSS Ticker and set the date format to l, d.m.Y H:i. I’d like to display the given Date in a german format, eg Mittwoch instead of Wednesday.

The RSS Feed returns eg Wed, 14 Jul 2021 08:47:00 GMT.

My CMS System Settings in the Regional Tab are set to:

Default Lanuage: de
Timezone: (GMT+02:00) Europe, Berlin
Date Format; Y-m-d H:i
The checkbox for Detect language? is not set

Is there any way to enforce a certain locale?

A possible workaround could be to format the given value via Optional Javascript. Could anyone give me a hint?

PS: I found the following javascript code fragment:
function EmbedInit() {
// Init will be called when this page is loaded in the client.
As I understand, this functoin is only called once when loaded in the client. Is there a hook available I can use for each rss item before it is displayed on the player?

Any help is appreciated.

Hi and welcome to the community.
I think this is actually a bug in the software - I’ve reported it and we will get it fixed in 3.0.2

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