Ticker RSS feed does not work Offline

Ticker RSS feed does not work Offline.

In this help link:

You say that:

Random feeds work offline; the entire feed is parsed, rendered and downloaded to the Player and then sorted in a random fashion for display. We use a Durstenfeld shuffle to randomize the order of items. Randomise works on the full feed, “Number of items” and “Take items from” options.

But this is not happening.

01 - After displaying the feeds normally with the player connected to the internet, I turned off the internet, restarted the player WITHOUT INTERNET and the RSS Feed is not displayed.
02 - If the player is on and with internet, playing normally, when the internet goes down, the RSS Feed is not displayed.

In all cases a black screen is displayed instead.

01 - In the Ticker’s “Cache” Tab, I defined 60 in both fields.
02 - In the settings of the Player Profile, In the “General” Tab I defined the interval of 1 minute in “Connectivity”, I use this intervals to see the results more quickly in the tests.
03 - In the Player Profile settings, In the “Troubleshooting” tab the option “Store HTML resources internally” is disabled.
04 - In the Player Profile settings, In the “Advanced” Tab the option “Allow cache of web resources” is activated.
05 - When scheduling, I selected “Always”.

Is everything ok there?
Is there any other configuration that is prerequisite for the Feed to be displayed offline as stated in the manual?

OBS.: The player I am using for tests does not have a battery, that is, whenever it restarts it loses the date and time, and updates via the internet, as in this test I restarted the player without internet, the date and time are still wrong.

What would I like?
That the FEED RSS content continue to be with or without internet. :grinning:
Until I removed the content in the CMS and the Player was able to update.
Why doesn’t it work this way?
It is much better to display content offline, than to display a black screen.
Or at least, let us decide when to stop showing the Feed. Does not agree?

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