Ticker module - text overlap

Ahoy all,

I’ve got a small issue with the presentation of RSS items in the ticker module. I’m using the “Image overlaid with the Feed Content” template with 10 of the feed items. I want it to cycle though each item… but I get the below instead. The image cycles per item duration, but the text stays the same as the picture.
If I set it to one item, it works. But that’s really what I’m after. I’ve checked the logs and there are no obvious errors. The feed validates without termination errors. Has anyone else seen similar and resolved it?

Here is the layout…
CMS version is 2.1.0, running in docker.

Fixed it.
Changed the sylesheet opacity to 1 and it only shows one entry.

edit: It doesn’t scroll/flip between items. :rage:

Thank you for your message and welcome to the Community!

I have downloaded a copy of your Layout and I am currently testing the issue you are having. I will post as soon as I have an update.

In the meantime, I noticed that your Widgets have an Expiry date set on them, can you confirm what you set the Start end time time to? When I imported your Layout i received an error which was linked to the Expiry dates, so I will investigate this too.

Many Thanks.

Huh. I’m pretty sure I didn’t set an expiry on them… Will check when at work tomorrow.

Thank you for your message. If you go to the Ticker in your Layout named news-abc-just_in then click the Appearance tab for that Widget and change the Items per page to 1 instead of 2, this removes the layered entries and resolves the issue. I did not need to change the opacity in the Layout. Can you confirm if this resolves your issue?

Thank you also for your reply about the Expiry Tools, it appears that there is an issue with time zones that has now been reported to the Development team. My apologies for any confusion I caused asking you about this.

Many Thanks.

Thanks for checking that out Dan!
I made the changes you suggested, including dropping the opacity back to the template.

This is the result. It sits on this screen and does not cycle through images or text from the XML.

It confuses me, especially given this layout with tickers works fine.