Ticker marquee with jerk in between

Hi i am using Xibo Apk android trial version 14 days… I have encountered that ticker is not running properly when i select Marquee option. It marquees on the screen with little jerk in between. I want to know if there is any solution regarding to this.

Scrolling text is one of the more intensive things that Xibo for Android does, so it does depend to a large degree on the hardware you’re using and what else is on the layout as to how smooth the scrolling will be.

What else is on the layout and what hardware are you using?

I am using my adroid mobile device.

My layout contains a video region, a flip clock region, an image slideshow region and a ticker region.

What is your Android mobile device though?

Video and scrolling tickers together are really likely to be a bad combination, especially on lower end hardware.

My mobile device is samsung galaxy S

We are using on Note 4

With a video and a ticker that’s likely as good as you’ll see I’m afraid. There just isn’t the power in the device to do all that work without the occasional judder.

Sir my device having good configuration with 3 gb ram dual core processor. What else is needed?

Also tell me which adroid device you recommend me for running scroll smoothly

I’m saying that there probably isn’t one that can show a video (especially if it’s HD) and scroll text simultaneously with no artefacts. You’re asking the device to do two very intensive things simultaneously.

You may have more luck with something Intel powered - like the DS Devices box from our recommended hardware list, or the Minix Z64 but we don’t recommend that device yet as it hasn’t completed testing.