Ticker: image updated but still the old image on screen

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CMS Version


Player Type

Android 7.1.2

Player Version

1.8 R110


My ticker include txt+image. When I modify the text and the image, only the text updated appear on the screen, not the new image (stll the old image). Even if I relaunch XIBO or clear cached data on my player, it’s still the old image on the screen.
What can I do? Is there something to change in the parameters of my ticker?

Many thanks!

1.7 is no longer maintained or supported. It’s unlikely we’re going to be able to assist you with that.

The way tickers updated has been substantially reworked in later versions so I would suggest you test an updated CMS to see if your issue has already been corrected, and if so upgrade your existing CMS.

Thanks Alex but unfortunatly, I can’t update the CMS…

Then even if we worked out what was wrong, as it’s not a supported or maintained release and you can’t update it anyway, how would you ever fix it? 1.7 is nearly 5.5 years old now. Sorry but you’ll need to update - even if just for securities sake.

I understand but I can just update the APK. We have modified our 1.7.8 CMS to link the ticker with a specific website that manage our local news. With this website, each user, with a specific login/password, can publish its own local news. That’s why, for the moment, I can’t update our CMS…

Is there some options in the ticker to refresh it faster?


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