Ticker content doesnt get wrapped to region size / text too big

android r302 and r303

font is too big on display and ticker text not getting wrapped, just gets cut off at widget border… resulting lost info on display

everything looks normal in cms, and on windows client.
but on a big android screen region sizes are ok, but widget texts are too big

Its almost like for whatever reason, the “whateveritis” that is used to display text, is zoomed to 150%
Be it ticker or clock. Result is that the content is bigger than the region and result is a mess.

Funny how the failing link in current solution is the piece that costs money… ( thats the android client license… )

This is a known issue and has been fixed:

The problem is CMS side so you need to upgrade to 3.0.6 and then run verify all. You may also need to Publish/Checkout Layout to regenerate the Widget.

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“verify all” was the magic word, was running already 3.0.6

Thanks ! :smile:

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