Ticker - Add videoplayer for MP4 streaming

I would like to see an upgrade so that Ticker can show MP4 as media (using OMXplayer)

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We are provided with an RSS feed which contains MP4 URLS including an duration in the tags. So far I tried and could see in Github, there is no support/feature which allows to use MP4 URL as media.

It will be very helpful… I’m using Zapier today to generate a connection from Instagram to RSS and then use that RSS feed on XIBO.
But it only shows images. With that, I would be able to play the videos too, right?

Correct, Ticker only shows images and text. There is no support added for Video. Our developer tried to tackle this by combining the module local video + ticker together, but we keep getting a white screen.

Hi thanks for your comments, I will certainly pass to our team for further discussion :+1: