The time is right

I remember the time when VOIP (Voice over IP) was first introduced to me in the 90s. It was a technology that was pretty much reserved for the corporates because of the vast hardware needed for it at the time. Fast forward to today and you can set up free PBX’s and run as many Voip phone systems as you want on your home computer. This is pretty much the same situation for digital menus. They are exploited by the corporations for very good reason and although the technology has been around for many years now, the take up by non-corporates has been slow.
Xibo changed that by giving the tools to turn almost any smart TV in to a powerful advertising medium.
I retired early through ill health (stress mainly) and brought a closed down pottery and set about turning it in to a takeaway. One challenge I had was to find a reliable way to advertise whilst using technology. I did try to make digital menus using a variety of software platforms including Wordpress and Powerpoint, but the all lacked the features that I needed and I eventually came across Xibo.

I’ve only just scratched the surface of what Xibo is capable of and found I had to be a little open minded and experimental with it. But the results are indeed powerful.

For anyone just starting out with Xibo or looking at the variety of digital menu software, here’s some examples of what can be done in a very short time.

These screens are animated through Xibo using layers. The screens work well and the animation is smooth.
Xibo is an incredible set of tools!


Thank you for taking the time to post this!

We love to see how Xibo is being used out there by our users and demonstrate how features and functionality of the system can be utilised (even with just ‘scratching the surface’) :slight_smile:

Hopefully this will inspire other users to share their stories?? More please :clap:

Me impresiona la similitud de lo vivido. Vengo del rubro Telefónico implementando VoIP, tuve mi servidor propio, tuve mis rutas en Paraguay, Bolivia y queriéndome salir del reniego y diversificar un poco comencé con los los locales de Almacenes y queriendo comunicar de una manera diferente encontré XIBO, rasque un poquito la superficie y encontré un mundo.
Me cuesta mucho por no saber Ingles, y todo lo hago a prueba y error. Pero espero que XIBO pueda ser mi Socio Tecnológico por largo tiempo.

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