The Samsung Smart Signage Platform (SSSP)

Hi… I was wondering if you could look in to making future Xibo CMS the work with the build in chips set of Samsung… By doing this we will be able to sell cheaper Signage solutions to our customers. There will will be no need of external media player…

What will you need to make this possible? I think we can support with donation.

Ill see if we can get the SDK


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I don’t think the project is interested in converting to be tied to a specific manufacturer’s technology. You can run Xibo Players on a wide range of hardware - some of it integrated in to the TV screen (although you lose some flexibility with that arrangement in my opinion).

dont think you will be tied the one manufacturer, This can be a plugin that support Samsung/LG/Sony/NEC and so on…

because the Xibo environment u have made is very nice and i would love to see it be compatible with the most popular signage displays in the market…

Doing some reading it looks to me like they have to connect to a Samsung MagicInfo server?

No… i have been in touch with Samsung… The MagicInfo server solution is one way to manage the screens. But they have made a SDK for 3parti to that others can make systems aswell…


these have made system to manage both Samsung and other screens…

OK. Well if you can send me a link to where there’s some information on how that actually works I can look, but the project has other priorities at the moment so I don’t realistically see this being viable unless it’s trivial for us to implement that (ie if they’re using a layout format that’s essentially the same as we are already).

Thanks… ill dig a bit… Thanks

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I’d like to 2nd this request we currently have 2 Samsung RM48D LED TV’s and expecting to purchase more. Originally I was hoping to use the integrated WiFi and CMS it came with but found it limited the design greatly. The solution was to add 300 dollar Intel NUC running Win7 to both TV’s.
I know this isn’t really your problem at Xibo but I do think it would greatly increase the use of Xibo and be a good source of revenue.

Would be really nice to run it on our LG TVs without the external player. Easier to ship to a client. +1 Perhaps a bounty for it?

If your LG TV runs Android/Android TV for its “smart” element then it may be that you can already run Xibo for Android.

I’m finding it very difficult to find any information on the SSSP SDK, I am sure that is on purpose :smile:

It’s WebOS for LG

Writing a player for a new platform is a 6 month long project at the least - which is one of the reasons we’ve taken steps to improve our player api and XLF documentation so that interested parties can develop their own players using the Xibo CMS.

If i’m honest, I can’t see the project developing a webos player in the short term - sorry.

Completely understand


Hello, my name is William, I will take this topic to reinforce the request of colleague Tali.

I have a professional LFD monitor Samsund model DB22D-P and tested this wonderful Xibo CMS.

Here are the steps I’ve taken.

I set up a Fenícia Store player, defined the layout and added the videos, then I accessed the action area and clicked on the layout view, to generate the url and test on my Samsung monitor.

This monitor is not tv and not android, it just has an embedded browser where I can put the url.

This was the url generated:

But when I put on the monitor

Xibo requests the access data:

Here you can find the solution to achieve this functionality for these Monitors.

Who knows a button to enable and disable access to url relative to the player

Hope to have community help!
And I await the response to a possible possibility of adding this benefit further.

Thank you

The Preview function is not intended to be used to show content on a display. It’s there to give a person authoring content an idea of what their layout looks like.

In addition, your CMS is incorrectly installed. You should not have “web” in the URL. Doing so opens your instance to increased risk of exploit since parts of the code that are not intended to be served to the public internet have been exposed. Please ensure you take steps to resolve that issue.

i have been involved with such which i prefer not to tell too much about,
creating a player for SSSP platform and keeping it up to date is not that simple.

If there is possibility of developing,
i would recommend focusing on the current Windows and Android clients to improve and bring more features such as,

  • Being able to schedule single media items in a layout without scheduling the layout itself
  • Being able to create sub layouts that are inserted into a main layout and also could be scheduled
  • Being able to have 5-10 image transition effects (Android already has)
  • Being able to have 5-10 text transition effects
  • Having a more advanced text editor
  • Redesigning the CMS UI
  • Etc.

If the problem is the price,
You can have an Intel’s ComputeStick including Windows 10 for less than 150 Euros or you can have an android player for the similar price.

NEC which has the best screens has an android player that can be installed into the slot they have at the back of the screen which will give you the exact same result and trust me, i have tested all those and they works like charm.

Of course if the goal is to gather more clients for Samsung or the LG, that is another story :smile:

Thanks for the note on fixing the installation.

About access to the preview test is there an option to configure this url on my monitor, without it requesting the access data?

No I’m afraid not. The preview URL always requires authentication. It isn’t designed to be used as a player.