The new calendar widget has sync bugs


I just realized that the agenda widget has changed with the new Xibo update, and I’m encountering issues with the new calendar widget. I now use the elements of the calendar widget, such as summary, description, and windows, to create text zones that retrieve data from my Google Calendar using the private iCal key. The problem is that I’ve tried to modify the option to instruct the text zones to refresh every minute, but despite that, when I make changes in Google Calendar, there is no update in Xibo. The only way I found for Xibo to acknowledge the changes is to generate a new private iCal key for Google Calendar and update it in the text zone configuration.

Hi @Un_passant,

If you navigate to the ‘Modules’ page of the CMS and then click on the Row Menu for the Calendar Module and select ‘Configure’, you should see an option to adjust the Cache Period. If you reduce that to the length of time you want and Save, does that then resolve the problem?

Many thanks,


HI Frazer,

The only way to get him to make the changes is to reset the ical key and give it to him again.

The status of my displays is indicated as “display is downloading new files”. However, I deleted all their contents to check whether the problem was coming from there, but it didn’t change anything. In the dashboard, the Status of display content graph shows me as obsolete.



I’ve just seen that in my display 1, there’s a font that won’t download. Could this be the problem?

I figured out how to get my state displays back up to date. I deleted the font then put it back, but my problem with the calendar is not solved. On the other hand, I’ve found that if I clear the calendar module cache, it updates the changes I make to the events in my Google calendar without having to change the ical key. I tried to set a shorter time to clear the cache (1 min) but it didn’t work, maybe I need to set a more reasonable time like 60min.