The issues about interactive actions

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CMS Version

CMS V3.3.5

Player Type

Android Player

Player Version

Android Player V3 R306



Our marketing is now promoting a new touch display panel (using Android v7.1.2) together with Xibo CMS layout interactive actions. They provide a demo display for our clients to start the pilot test, and the interactive layouts are properly assigned and scheduled for the display.

Here is the feedback from our clients.

  • They encountered assigned layout touch interactive action issues, touch action not responding when the WIFI network was not ready. Please clarify whether the network connection is the prerequisite for the Interactive Action features. They want to know any workaround. Such as we can pre-download all the materials into the Android local storage, in order to start the interactive actions even if the network connections are not ready.
  • They also encountered a little delay in the touch response time. When they click an interactive action, an average of 2 seconds of waiting in order to click a new action. They want to know any workaround. Such as configuring the settings to speed up the response time to an average of 1 second.

Please kindly advise.
Thanks and Best Regards,

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