The all string's in the dbtranslate.php file don't translate

i am translate a few of string’s in the dbtranslate.php file but not effective

Where are you translating them please?

edit in to default.pot and export to mo file and copy in locale

So the translation strings are already listed in the default.pot file that we have released? But when you translate them they are not also translating in the UI?

Are other items translating correctly?

yes, thats right
and other tranlastion work correctly.

I’ve added a bug here: and provided a patch to the settings page (I guess you are on the settings page).

Can you try applying the patch?

It would be great if you could contribute the translations to Launchpad

yes i can patch it
and i’m going to start translation

Great! I hope the patch worked for you.

yes its work
but many strings dont define in po file
example “Configuration” “Defaults” “Regional” in setting and …
how to in add this string in to the po file ???

That depends where they are actually…

If they are on the settings page (I think the examples you gave are) then they need to be entered into dbtranslate.php and merged into the main project. You could do this in a Fork of xibo-cms on github.

If they are in other locations around the application, then they need to be translated in the relevant piece of code (the code that generates the translated string). Again, this can be done in a fork of the code.

Alternatively you can list them out here and we will fix them for the next release.

ok i start to search for find all string