The ability to show different creatives at each cycle

We have had a number of discussions with Users who have requested the ability to be able to display one item of content at each cycle of a Layout.

This was initially recorded for the development team to have a think about how this could work:

We would like to take this opportunity to gain an insight into how many users would be interested in this feature before thinking about this in more detail.

Any further comments greatly received!


My request is a sub-playlist kind of widget where you can select one playlist, add one widget and then select repeat interval number for that widget.
Result is that widget replaces what ever is playing on repeat interval spot. Place of the spot depends on cycle count, repeat interval and playlist item count.

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This feature is a “must” to our customers - some are migrating from Scala CMS - which has a playlist feature that you can actually determine the quantity of items that would be played back in each loop - e.g.
Playlist A: 3 items
Playlist B: 1 item
Playlist C: All
This feature combined with the shuffle playlist can help customers / users to have a more diverse loop without having to manually combine possibilities.

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We also are after this feature and believe it is a very critical and required feature for most people.

this feature is very important

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