Text Scroll Speed

Hi there,

We have had a request to slow down the speed of the text scrolling in regions of our layouts. These are just text areas not tickers from RSS etc. They are currently set to 1 which I believe is the lowest setting, however these still scroll (in the areas allotted) a bit too fast for people to read. Is there any way of slowing the text down further via the UI or are there any settings that can be edited to change the overall speed per “level” ?

Further, I should say we are currently running v 1.6.4



It should be possible to design slower moving tickers on 1.7.2 (as the scrolling speed isn’t scaled).

You can try by signing up for a demo account over at Spring Signage to confirm that before upgrading your CMS.

If it is acceptable, then once you have upgraded your CMS, you’ll need to upgrade your old layout formats to the new layout format to get the change in scrolling speed to apply.