Text causes background image to shift on Windows client

I have got a sequence of layouts, each of which has a background photograph and a single small region to include some title text.

The region seems to cause the background image to be shifted - see the attached screenshot

Did you set a background on the layout and then a background on a region? If so try removing the region background.

No, the region is just text

Which version of the client are you using?

Latest - as soon as I saw the problem, I re-installed the latest version (ie 1.7.5) on a Windows 7 laptop connected to a LG TV; I’ve tried resolutions on the TV from 1080p down to 800x600, still the same issue.

IE 11?

Only other thing I can think of is to export the layout and put it somewhere accessible to someone like me to download and look at it on a local machine to see what we see.

Yes IE 11. I wrote above that it is Windows 7 - that was a mistake, its running on Windows 10!

I have exported the layout as you suggested and it can be found here:

Thanks in advance for your help.

Open Internet Explorer and check you don’t have a zoom applied by default.

I’m not by the machine right now but started IE on this machine yesterday. As the PC was a new install,so that was the first time that IE had been run. So I doubt that is the cause?

I’ve never seen that behaviour before and it’s the only thing I can think that might affect how text content was rendered. Please check that first.

Win10 is more aggressive at auto-adjusting DPI than previous OS were. If this is happening only on Win10, try manually adjusting the DPI to 100%.

Right-click on the desktop. Select “Display Settings” from the menu. Grab the slider for “change the size of text, apps, and other items”, and move it to the left until it reaches 100%.


On the Windows 10 laptop:

  • I do not have zoom applied in IE
  • the “size of text, apps and other items” slider is to the far left at 100%
  • the problem occurs on an external LG TV, on the laptop screen and even on a Remote Desktop Connection

I have tried the same layouts/campaign on another Windows 10 laptop and the problem does NOT occur.

So I guess may be the issue is incompatibility with the graphics card/driver? Though actually this is only a regular Intel HD Graphics card that many laptops use with apparently the most up to date driver (

You may look here, apparently IE 11 has an auto zoom feature.

Sorry - none of those help

I haven’t seen any issue with auto zoom and the zoom is always on 100%

Close the Xibo Client then delete the client’s local library folder. Launch the Xibo Client. It’ll re-download all the media from the CMS library.

If I remember correctly, the the 1.7.5 client renders text to files then stores them in its library. Maybe something went wrong during the rendering first time.

You are right, it does! For something like text it will be cached until the layout changes (which might be never).

Ta dah!

Yes, clearing the cache (deleting the whole directory) cured the problem. Perhaps this should be added to the FAQ?

Thanks for your help!

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Given we’ve never seen this issue before I don’t think it counts as frequently asked just yet.

But you have the same access to post in the FAQ as everyone else. Feel free to write up an article with some screenshots etc.