Text boxes: Error 404 - Not Found


I have been using MeLe Quieter 3Q computers on Windows 11 to run Xibo. I have run into a problem with running two instances of Xibo off of a single computer. We have two tv monitors side by side. One is to be used for a static image with some text boxes. The other is rotating pictures and a weather widget.

When I first start Xibo, often each of the four text boxes show this: “Error 404 - Not Found / Exception Type: EmbedIO.Http.Exception / Message: If this error is completely unexpected to you, and you think you should not [sic] seeing this page, please contact the server administrator, informing them of the time this error occurred and the action(s) you performed that resulted in this error.”

Is my computer just not powerful enough to run two separate instances of Xibo? Is something wrong with my layouts? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I’m having some problems with windows 11 also… but it’s a different error on watchdog:


You need to run two display profiles and put the embedded webserver on different ports for each display on the same computer.

That seems to have resolved the issue. Incrementing the embedded web server port did it. Thank you very much!

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