Text animation ( from right to left) and video fluidity Player V2 R253

Player V2 R253 - In the text widget : scrolling text is jerky “in my example from right to left” speed : 3 ( le défilement du texte est saccadé contrairement aux autres versions du player)
In the old player V2 201 it’s ok

And i note a little probleme in video fluidity in this player V2 R253 ( In the old player V2 201 or V2 202 it’s ok).

Thank you for your analysis - I is interesting to get these comparisons.

202 and 253 use different display technologies (Winform vs WPF) and there will definitely be performance differences between them. They use different browser engines (IE11 vs Chromium) to render scrolling text, and different video engines (WMP vs MediaElement) to render video.

Would you mind listing your hardware specifications?

R202 is stable for Windows 7
R253 is stable for Windows 10


Hi dan, i use windows 10 64 ( last update), pc hp Intel Core i5 - 2400 - 3.10 Ghz.
graphic card nvidia geforce 210

another différence : boot of the player R253.5 and loading layout is slow compared to R202 .

This is true and have noticed this myself - but we want the Player to do more, so its understandable that it takes longer to load initially. I don’t think there is anything we can do about this.

That sounds like a reasonable machine.
I wonder if we might be able to make some improvements to the scrolling now that we have a newer browser embedded. I will mark up an issue to investigate.

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ok , the problem is scrolling and video fluidity. ( in video animation there is a litlle blur movement : very light but unpalatable - in v202 it’s ok ) i think that the two problem are linked( scrolling jerky and video fluidity )

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