Testing Xibo, a little confused

Hi there all Xibo specialists!

I have Xibo installed on my webserver for now (yes, I know it is not optimal, and I do not intend to use it for production). I also have an Android box with the Android player connected to a 1080p tv.

I am trying to get to know the system, and I am getting a little confused. Please take this in the best possible way as I am just trying to get as much information I can about the system to decide if it is something I want to build on for the future.

The reason I am confused is that I thought this was a long standing and mature product. What I expected was to find a lot of available widgets covering all aspects of information display, from the most basic to more advanced. So I am hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

Here are some of the most basic things I am looking for:

A slideshow widget with the possibility to set a dissolve between images (don’t mind if other transitions are available, but do not need them).
A widget for playing live streaming audio.
A widget for playing live streaming video.
A widget that can take an iCal link and present the info in various ways.
A weather widget that is scaleable and will fill whatever area of the screen you set.

I might be looking in all the wrong places, so please point me in the right direction. It can sometimes be a little more challenging for non-English natives to do the right searches.

If I knew how to program, I would make this myself, but unfortunately, I am more of a content producer Someone has to do that job as well! :slight_smile: