Terrible Lag playing video

Player Version
3 R310.1


We’ve been running Xibo for a while now with still images, and everything has been pretty good. I recently tried to add a video to a layout and we noticed that the video is running with extreme lag. For example, there’s 10 seconds between animations and the timing is anywhere from 30-60 seconds.

I have noticed that when Xibo is playing a video, the CPU useage has spiked to 100%.

I’ve tried compressing the video, and even re-encoding at 720p instead of 1080p. Same exact result.

When I go into the client’s asset library on the player’s disk, I can play the videos with WMP with no issues, everything plays as expected, and CPU usage is closer to 50%.

Am I missing something? Is this something that may be resolved in the version 4 client?

I don’t think the issue is the hardware. We previously used the same player computers with a different digital signage solution and we could play 1080p video with no issues.

What’s the encoding and bitrate of the video?

It didn’t seem to matter. We started with a 1080p video at 1340kb/s h.264 MP4 and ended up re-encoding it with handbrake, eventually ended up at 720p 363kb/s MP4 and still the same experience.

Have you tried using different versions of the player to see if the CPU usage changes?

Same issue here. Did you find a solution?

I have the exact same issue.

I haven’t found any solutions!

I wish the windows Xibo player was 64bit and not x86 bit

I eventually upgraded our server to 4.0.6 and clients to 4.402.1 and videos started playing better.