TEMPLATE IMPORT menu / link missing

Merry Christmas…more strength for 2019…i want to ask, was TEMPLATE IMPORT excluded from xibo 1.8.11? because I dont see it…when i go to my layout section, i see ADD LAYOUT, IMPORT…when i got to TEMPLATE sectio i dont see that there to IMPORT my templates from xibo 1.7.10…

The Import Layout option in your CMS is used to import Layouts and Templates.

You can export your Templates from your 1.7 CMS (which should create a zip file) and then import them into your 1.8 CMS using the Import Layout option.

Once you have imported your Template/Layout, you can open it in Layout Designer, select the Actions tab and save it as a Template.

Many Thanks.

thanks for the quick response…thats was my guess, but i was just surprised…i quickly installed 3 different versions of xibo on my test server…1.7.9, 1.7.10, 1.8.7 with docker and i saw that import of template was added in 1.7 series and removed from 1.8 series…good know…just that adding the template via the layout sections leave it there as a layout…i have been experimenting and exploring xibo on my test server…at first, i didnt xibo with docker but after a deep reading and install-practice, i find it is way easier than i thought. only think i dont like now is that my production server must be dockerized for everything including phpmyadmin, php, and other websites that are hosted on the server…port conflicts, repository issues, looking for application folders, file and folder permission…using docker environment forces using ports to access stuff on the server ie: http://your-ip-address:8080 to reach a joomla website of phpmyadmin…which makes it a bit tricky when pointing your domain to it…i had to use ie http://mydomain.com/8080 to get to xibo login…because port 80 is used by nginx to server sites…its either i dedicate 1 server for xibo docker and get away with the pain in using everything docker (joomla website, wordpress, etc) until docker becomes easy-as-ABCD to setup