Teamviewer Integration

Hello guys,

I use teamviewer for access to android player and windows.
The problem is that I have to have an external control (worksheet) to know which equipment (by the MAC) should I access by the teamviewer.

I would like to know if an integration could be made, similar to the one with VNC.

When clicking on the Player by CMS, open the teamviewer.
Android APP could take this information

Use Airdroid to acces the androids. Acceptable fee.
There after from there start teamviewer on a box. All your questions are not necessary then.

Hello my friend (robsmit)

Unfortunately your solution is known, and it is limited to 10 devices per email. I have a total of 600 players, unfortunately only the teamviewer today offers the necessary resources.

@laercionit: You should think about using an MDM for controlling your players, even TeamViewer is not very fit for it and very expensive.

If you have any experience coding, I am working on a project for this.

Hello my friend.

First of all thank you for participating in this post.

What is MDM?

I currently have 600 displays, in project since size ends that the cost of the teamviewer is feasible, unfortunately Xibo does not have native remote access like other systems of the market, for that reason I had to adopt the teamviewer for mobile host that was released this year.

AirDroid is limited to 10 devices per email, which makes the operation unfeasible.

MDM stands for Mobile Device Management.

It’s basically what most companies use to ‘manage’ the devices they own (or their employees own). It can do things such as install or approve apps, remote wipe, enable encryption, configure networking, get location and device information etc. etc.

Xibo is just a Digital Signage product, not really intended for remote management (although it can deploy it’s own updates)