Teamviewer alternative field

Teamviewer is currently the only remote option supported. I wish to propose an additional field where an alternative application can be listed. We no longer use Teamviewer because of license costs as well as buggy software expediencies.


DWService for example also has an API, so integration should be relatively straightforward.

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Hi abcdef0987
I agree with you, and I asked for this feature aswell.
See you.

GitHub - Genymobile/scrcpy: Display and control your Android device (Free and open source).

Hi thanks for posting!

Can I ask have you tried either of those services? If so could you give us some more feedback as to reliability etc?

Many thanks

We use both services. Both are very robust with no issues connecting even with a bad internet connection or through VPN.

Both are free, but Anydesk has a usage limit where they will ask you to become a paying customer. Both can be set up with unattended access. We have used these services on dozens of machines with no problems.

One difference would be that Anydesk has Android client support whereas DW does not. Both are developed and are registered in Europe which is good for GDPR reasons, Anydesk in Germany and DW in Italy.

The main plus as opposed to Teamviewer is not being constantly nagged for updates or upgrading the plan as well as offering free and/or cheaper plans.

I think it would make sense to reconcile and refactor the various options into a single customisable set of options. Something like a dropdown to pick the service and then a field to enter the specific string you need to apply.

We currently have the following:

  • Link with IP address (CMS Settings)
  • Webkey
  • TeamViewer

I think Fred’s suggestion of a custom field makes a lot of sense, and beyond that we’d be happy to add specific options for any of the services mentioned that can be triggered via a URL. The custom link approach should be clever enough to have variable substitutions such as {ipAddress}, {macAddress}, etc.

Does anyone know whether any of the suggested mechanisms can be triggered with a URL?

Another request: Rustdesk Remote

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Sounds good:

Anydesk: URL Handler
DWservice does not appear to have something like this, although it has an open API which let’s you do pretty much anything from an external app.

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Hi Dan, I use to use DWService or VNC depending of the project.
The DWSERVICE share link looks like this

DWService - Login

It’s just an URL
Hope this will help. Always ready to test !
See you

I’m going to second this one. It’s very fast and simple-- our preferred method. The only downfall is that it requires ADB.