Take 40 minutes for new xibo-player insteall to get files from the server?

Ubuntu 20

Player Version

linux 1.8-R6-108


Is this normal behavior? I mean if I leave the thing running for 40 minutes or so it eventually get going and shows slides, but 40 minutes? It didnt used to be this slow, the older clients worked quite fast. My slides are only text no images, so it cant be downloading anything that big.

Im guessing maybe it could be that my server software is out of date, I have been putting off upgrading it.

Edit: this only seems to be happening on the initial connection when it says its ‘downloading files from the server’. After thats done, I can send files to the client at reasonable speed. We are trying to identify any network issues but so far cant find any.

This turned out to be a DNS issue on our end

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