Tag Stripping broken in 1.7.3

Upgraded to Xibo 1.7.3 today (Windows Server 2012, XAAMP, Windows 1.7.3 clients). Tag stripping used to work for the ticker, however now when pulling RSS data, tag stripping doesn’t work as it did before.

Is this a known issue, or should I approach the tag stripping differently?

It has been changed to use a more advanced “HTMLPurifier” library, which strips the tags rather than their content.

The original request is here:

Can you have a read through it and see if the new functionality can do what you want (or explain what you want and we will have a look).

The coding there is probably a little above me.

Essentially what I was doing was using the tag stripping to remove content (probably an undesired effect for many). For me it worked to get rid of text that was part of the description field in an RSS making for a cleaner look.

Honestly, I’m not sure if removing that text might even be a violation of the TOU. I’ll read a little deeper and look around for a solution to get the content I need in a different way.

Ah I see - well that is exactly the opposite of what the other guy wanted (tag removal without removing content).

As you say, we have to be a little cautious about the tools we provide regarding RSS as we don’t want to enable people to violate any T&C’s.

Lots of people use Yahoo Pipes to pre-format their feeds, which may be an option for you.