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Wondering if its possible to tag media when its uploaded rather than have to go into each image, edit and add a tag ?


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Not at present. I’ve moved your thread to Features so it’s considered for future development

Thanks - would also be nice to be able to assign media based on tags.

So for example in a Region Time Line I can upload and assign media and it adds it to the media library.

But then if I want to use that same media in another Region Time Line - I can’t upload the same files because I get an error they are duplicates. So then I have to go to the library, find each media file and add it. Which can get tedious if there are large numbers of files.

In 1.8 you’ll be able to reuse the timeline from the original region so there’s no need to duplicate it.

I’m not sure what advantage adding by tag gives you however as it would still be search based - so no different to adding by name if you added whatever keyword you were looking for to the media name rather than adding a tag

Thanks sounds like 1.8 will do what I need. The adding by tag I was thinking about is you add everything with that tag - rather that search by tag and add the individual items - unless I have misundertsood

Adding everything with a tag might be ideal in your scenario but for lots of other scenarios you’d want to add only some items with a particular tag, so it would likely be implemented as a search for a tag and then you add the items you want

Very Nice, +1 for this!

Will this ability to tag media as it is uploaded, be added to 1.8? Currently in Alpha3 it requires a second api call.

We’ve no plans to do that at present - we have a user interface drive as the focus of our beta release, so this may well get included in that.

This feature to tag media upon upload doesn’t seem to have been added to version 2.0.2 (I’m using a custom web server Windows installation). Is that something that is still on the horizon? If not, I’m interested to add it. In fact I’m currently looking into it. It doesn’t seem like too difficult a task. If possible, to make things run faster, could you provide me the files I should be looking for in order to make the proper modifications?

I agree that being able to tag media on upload will be a beneficial feature to have and will feedback to our development team.

I greatly appreciate it!

This has been developed and will be available in the 2.1 cms release.

Thank you

When do you expect that release date to be?

We are targeting the alpha2 release for the beginning part of next week.

Oh, wow. That will be great! I really appreciate your responses and all you and your team are doing here.

Thank you

It seems this was in reference to the docker release which is not what I was asking for. Do you know when the 2.1.0 release for a custom web server (non-docker) will be available?

The 2.1.0-rc1 release, has been targeted for release next week.

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