Tag displays and use those tags in modules

I have 104 displays that I am setting up to be Digital Conference room schedule signs. Each one of the schedules uses an URL that is identical with the exception of the room id (i.e. http://myroomurl.com/display.aspx?id=102) I was wondering if there was any way to use a field that is associated with each display and use that as a variable in the URL? Essentially, I would like to create one layout vs 104 individual layouts.
If there is any other suggestions on how I can do this, (data set, etc) Please share.

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Sorry for the delay, there isn’t any such functionality at present. It would be an interesting feature and I have marked it up accordingly.

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Just a thought… Is it possible to statically assign ip addresses to the machines. Then use the information here:
PHP How to Get Local Adddress of Machine

Use some more PHP to get the last 3 digits of the IP and then use that in the code to call the external weblink?

I think you are suggesting modifying the “display.aspx” page so that it doesn’t need an ID and uses the request IP address. That’s certainly a good idea for a workaround if the OP has access to modify that other application.

Unfortunately, it is a third party application that I am requesting the HTML page from and I have no control over the URL. Can I use a dataset to display an HTML page, or is that designed to display specific information within the dataset?

Thanks Dan. I think this would be a very valuable and powerful feature.

I wasn’t thinking of doing it that way, but that is an interesting approach. :thumbsup: I was thinking that joeykb could call an external webpage url with part of the IP address used as a variable passed via the url.