System administrator


Hi guys,
when are we going to have these two accounts separated from each other?
System Administrator and Administrator.

System Administrator: This is the top level user who installs the system, controls the entire system and creates lower level accounts. This user roles everything in the system.

Administrator: This is a kind of super administrator who can role almost everything but cannot have the same rights as the system administrator. This user cannot approve displays nor see the system settings.
This user cannot modify, delete or edit System administrator account nor see the critical CMS settings.

I just wish this is going to happen soon.


Thank you, I have moved this into our Features category for further discussion and possible consideration.

Thank you


Thanks Natasha!
we desperately need this, i am sure i am not the only one needing this because this is indeed a very important feature IMO.
There must be system administrator and administrator levels that are not having equal rights.