Switching between an Internet Browser and Xibo - Linux Player


Hi everybody!

Right now, we are using the 1.8 beta Linux version with the Xibo cloud service to switch between showing a layout and displaying a webpage with intervals of 20 seconds. This works kind of okay but when we it shows the webpage a slight lag occurs because Xibo is downloading the webpage. As a solution for this problem we thought that it would be possible to have a web browser always running in the background and with command functionality let Xibo switch between the browser and the xibo player. Kind of like alt tabbing between both programs. The command would like likes this:

  1. Switch to the browser;

  2. Wait for 20 seconds;

  3. Switch back to Xibo.

Because I am new to Xibo I would like to hear some on advice on how I could tackle this problem and if this is even possible.

Kind regards,